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2 Years Trading!

Since opening two years ago, Nicolway Bryanston has grown from strength to strength. Its shopper numbers increased by 11% from the first quarter of 2013 to the first quarter of 2014, while its spend per shopper improved by 12.39% and its trading density rocketed by 25.34%, far outperforming sector averages.

Nicolway Bryanston Centre Manager Jandemie Olwage comments, “Research shows that the centre’s excellent tenant mix, great location, design and overall experience are what shoppers enjoy most about the centre. We are exceptionally fortunate that our growing shopper base is loyal and visits Nicolway Bryanston regularly. An above average proportion of our customers are high-end shoppers. There’s also strong cross support from patrons between our shops and restaurants, with Nicolway Bryanston being a favourite meeting place.”

Olwage reports that the top trading categories at the mall are food, jewellery, health and beauty and luxury shopping.

In fact, Nicolway Bryanston has seen stand-out growth in its speciality stores, as well as those in the health and beauty category.

“We’ve got to know our shoppers so much better over the past two years, and we have refined our retail mix to best meet our shoppers’ likes and needs,” notes Olwage. Stores which have been added to Nicolway Bryanston as the centre has become more established include Typo, Yankee Candle, Envy, Lorna Jane, Precioux and Maneki. Salomon Sports also opened its Joburg’s flagship store at the mall.

Nicolway Bryanston’s retail is supported by good trading from the mall’s strong menu of popular restaurants. Patrons come from far and wide to this desirable dining destination. In fact, a large number of dinner patrons travel from outside the mall’s primary catchment area to enjoy the experience at Nicolway Bryanston’s restaurants.
“Even with this, Nicolway Bryanston is essentially a community centre, especially designed to serve shoppers who live, work and travel in the area,” says Olwage. As such, the centre is active in supporting community initiatives, with a special focus on education and projects with local schools.

“We are delighted that so many people have chosen to be part of Nicolway Bryanston and they are at the heart of our success,” says Olwage, “and we are pleased to be a positive part of our wonderful community.”


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